OER-Brazil (Brazil Open Education Initiative) will develop the first Brazilian platform for digital educational resources with open licenses in various types of media



Not everything that is available on the internet as a free educational resource is, in fact, open. To be open, it must have an open license!

Educadigital Institute, responsible for OER-Brazil (and now for Open Education Initiative in partnership with UNESCO Chair in Open Education) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create REIiA – an open platform that points to and provides references about educational resources with open licenses!

Please, support our campaign: www.catarse.me/relia

The expansion of Internet access and new possibilities in digital culture have caused changes in regards to the freedom to use, share and adapt educational materials and creative works. WThese activities have gained strength and support the human right to education and culture. It is also based on the premises of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement: knowledge is a common good and should therefore be accessible to everyone.

OER are teaching, learning and research materials, available on different kind of media, preferably on open platforms or formats (open software), which are in public domain or licensed in a flexible manner, allowing the use, distribution or adaptation.

That’s the idea! We want to create RE-li-A, an open platform to recommend OER. . It is not enough that the resource be free. To be listed on REliA, the educational resource must have an open license. The digital resources available online will be organized by media type, subject area, discipline, school level, language and, of course, the licensing terms.

Our inspiration is OER Commons, a world reference in OER digital repositories.

To support our campaign, see information in English for international backers: http://suporte.catarse.me/hc/pt-br/articles/202041146-Apoiadores-internacionais-International-backers-


Link : www.catarse.me/relia

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